Eye Exams

We offer a no drops eye exam and the latest in digital refraction technology with Clarifye™. We also offer complete pediatric eye exams and diabetic eye exams featuring Optomap™. In addition, we just added the new Dianton Tonometer offering a quick, puff-free & painless 

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We diagnose and evaluate cataracts. We help our patients to care for their cataracts by co-managing their treatment with renowned local ophthalmological groups.


Dry Eyes

Dry eyes result from the lack of moisture on the surface of the eye, often leading to discomfort. We can help you manage and treat chronic and acute dry eyes.


We help in the management and treatment of glaucoma and macular degeneration by working with the best local retinal and macular specialist.

Lasik Consults

We perform pre-operative and post-operative LASIK evaluations and co-manage LASIK care with all local LASIK groups.